Frequently asked questions about GIF

FAQs about GIF

Here are some frequently asked questions about GIF and admission to GIF

  • When is the application deadline?
    • You can apply for admission until the beginning of the course in August, or as long as there are places available – but be sure to apply as soon as possible.
  • Can I sign up on a waiting list for GIF?

Yes. We offer late applicants the opportunity to be entered on a waiting list. However, we do not accept new students after 1st September.

  • How often do new courses begin?

New classes begin once a year in August. There are no classes beginning in January.

  • Is it possible to attend teaching in evening classes?

No. Teaching only takes place in the daytime in the school’s normal teaching hours.

  • Am I eligible to receive Danish Education Support (SU) on this course?

Yes. You are entitled to receive SU on the GIF course. However, you may only receive SU after receiving confirmation of admission to the course. If you do not have Danish citizenship you must begin application for ‘equal status with Danish citizens’ (see

  • I am currently taking Danish language classes, but will not complete the relevant level until after the application deadline. Do I have to wait to apply until after I have taken the exam?

No, but it is a pre-condition that you take the exam at the required level before the course begins. In this case we will evaluate whether you meet the other requirements, and if you do we can give you a so-called ‘conditional admission’. This means that we will reserve a place for you, and you will be finally admitted after we have received documentation that you have passed the qualifying exams with the necessary grades.

  • I am an EU citizen. Can I still apply for GIF?

Yes. You can be admitted to GIF even though you have a General Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate from a country within the EU. However, this will depend on to what extent your original General Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate already qualifies you for admission to further education in the quota 1 category. If it does, you cannot be admitted to GIF. If you are in doubt as to whether your General Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate qualifies you for admission to GIF, you can contact us or the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to have the exam certificates from your native country evaluated:

  • Is it a requirement that my exam certificates be translated into Danish?

Yes. All exam certificates must be translated either into Danish or into English by an authorized translator.

  • Can I obtain transferred credit on GIF?

Yes. You can obtain credit for subject levels if the exams have been taken in Denmark. You cannot obtain credit for education in your native country. You can obtain credit for a maximum of two subjects. You need to apply for transferred credits before the course begins.

  • Can I study GIF as a single-subject course?

No. GIF is a package course giving qualification for entry to higher education given that you pass all the subjects of the course within one school year.

  • I am applying for the humanities GIF package, but need mathematics at b-level. Can I do this at GIF?

No. The two GIF-packages are obligatory course packages which cannot be altered.

  • I have some higher education qualifications from my native country. Can I still apply for GIF?

Yes. You can apply for admission to GIF even though you may, for example, have a bachelor’s degree from your native country. We recommend that you have an official evaluation made of the academic course you completed. You can read more about how this is done here:

  • Does the GIF package cost anything?

No. the package is free of charge.